VT model DCSS --> DOSS

From Setup > Inputs > 0 > model: there is a DCSS AC910. I may be wrong but it appears the model should be DOSS AC910. It’s on the DOSS website @ http://www.doss.com.au/ac910-9vac-1a-ac-power-supply/. I’m just setting it up with my new IoTaWatt now. Of course this is just a typo/ something trivially cosmetic.

Not actually a typo. I took a look at my sample and the logo they use looks as much like a C as an O. On closer examination of their literature, I see that it is O as you say. Nevertheless, it is somewhat questionable as printed on the transformer and hard to change now because of the impact it would have on existing config files. I would have too add a second DOSS entry or special case this in several places. I think I’ll just leave it be.

No worries. Yes, when I looked at their logo it was very ambiguous whether a C or O.