Watts don't add up right - resolved

New IoTaWatt user - fantastic product, fantastic sales/delivery process, easy setup, quick to get working.

I have two panels A and B. A is the main panel to the house, 200 AMP service. Panel B is a 150 AMP service (that’s what the electrician had handy) for a commercial bakery in our house. One stove (50 A circuit), the rest are lights, outlets, refigerator/freezer, and a furnace. Never set up to go fully to 150A load. Feed is tee-ed off of the main energy lines at the meter outside, OK with the electric company and code (signed off).

I connected two ECS16-100 current transformers on the main in. I connected a ECS10-50 on the furnace hot line.

The total watts (measured as a sum of the two 100A CTs sometimes show LOWER than the watts measured for the furnace line alone in that panel.

What basic fundamental concept am I missing or have I hooked things up wrong or am expecting something impossible or did I get the WRONG CTs for this panel?

Here is my current status page:

Here is a graph:

The light blue line is the furnace feed.

Notice where the light blue Furnace watts are greater than the total panel wattage
Or is this a matter of letting the IoTaWatt ‘settle in’ for a few days.

Here is what the test hookup looks like:

(Banging head on wall) stupid me, I plotted the data using two different scales, therefore it ISN’T going to make sense. Looking at things on the same axis/scale everything makes sense. Long week, glad it’s Friday. Marking this as “no issue/solved”