Watts reads correct, Amperage Doubled?

Hi, I’ve been using iotawatt for over a year now. I’m on a 240 volt split-phase system. Just set up my second 240 circuit, a hot water heater, added a ECOL09 onto a single leg and selected ‘double’ when setting up the input. I’ve been watching the status page as the hot water heater is warming up for the first time and I noticed that it said my total system amperage is about 40 amps, which had me worried as I’m on a 25 amp breaker for the hwh. The wattage reports correctly, at ~4650 watts, but the Amperage is reading about 36.5, when it really should be 18.25.

What did I do wrong?

You didn’t do anything wrong, that’s how it works. To get away with a 120V reference and only one CT, something has to double. Unfortunately the per channel reference voltage is not stored, and so amps are calculated as VA / Voltage (120V).

If you want to monitor current, you can create an output that divides it by 2.