Web service missing, no SAVE button - resolved

my EmonPI stopped receiving data. Usually a reboot and re-sending the missing stuff from the Iotawatt does the trick. Usually that is stopping the web service, changing the upload date and restarting service. This time, the reboot seems to have lost the Emoncms web configuration. I attempted to re-configure, but both the add output screen and the main configuration screens lack the “save” button. I copied the log back to before the 02_05_08 upgrade but it looks like everything was working ok at that point.

Thanks for any pointers…

iotawatt log.txt (12.8 KB)

Normally I just reboot the EmonPI. When I tried to update the PI I found the issues with the Iotawatt and reset it. Final reset was a power cycle. I looked around the forums for possible solutions and didn’t find anything obvious. So I took the hint and posted the log and screen shot with my problem report. :slight_smile:

Couple of things I noticed in the log:

Your WiFi signal is really poor when the channel is 11, and better when the channel is 1 or 6. The channel used is determined by your router.

Most of the problems occurred when using channel 11.

Not clear what’s going on with the emoncms configuration. The screenshot doesn’t have the key. I assume you removed it for the obvious reason, but I don’t see any other reason for it to fail validation.

There is an issue with restarting upload to the emonpi. It uses an in memory cache to manage the last input date, and that gets wiped when the Pi is restarted. I have asked Trystan about this and there isn’t really a good solution because the data isn’t really retained. This problem is unique to the user version and not emoncms.org.

So changing the upload date is actually a substitute for the missing inputs dates. The IoTaWatt starts uploading from that date, and the Pi is discarding the resulting feed updates that pre-date the last entry. When it finally catches up, the new updates are applied. So resetting the history date in IoTaWatt can save a lot of time after the Pi is restarted. Putting your Pi on a UPS is suggested.

I can’t see any way the emoncms configuration can be lost while the rest of the configuration remains intact. It is one json file, and it’s unlikely that could be removed through some sort of error while retaining the integrity of the rest of the file. The emoncms must have been inadvertently deleted.

If you continue to have trouble adding a new emoncms configuration, restart the IoTaWatt.

DOH: no api key. I should have reviewed Emoncms setup guide before crying for help.

I still cannot seem to add an synthesized output to the Emoncms web service. Guess I better look at the setup guide…

The power never goes out on the PI. I only reset it when the emoncms app wedges (well, entire U/I wedges).

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Did you ever figure out how to add synthesized outputs to the Emoncms web service? I still don’t get a save button

If you mean using the calculator, that’s explained in the documentation. If you still have a problem, post a screenshot.