Webserver mysql/Mariadb

I looked a bit about emoncms, influxdb…
In both cases, I did not really find a way to make backups of the data…

Would not be a nice idea to inject the measurements directly to a mysql / MariaDb database ?

Pretty sure EmonCMS has a backup procedure, although I haven’t used it, my IoTaWatt is the backup because I can upload a fresh copy. InfluxDB does have a backup capability.

The way these projects work is that everyone would like to have something different that is familiar to them. It’s not necessarily better, just in the comfort zone. That’s how these things get enormously complex. The only additional database support planned right now is PVoutput. However, the services for posting to external databases are largely contained in a single set of .h and .cpp modules in the code, so you are fre to fork a version to add your own database flavor. Understand that I would be very reluctant to merge anything like that into the master branch.