What all will I need for my setup

I’m in the US with what I believe is a 200Amp panel.

I’m looking to purchase the North America Bundle (120V).
Just trying to figure out how many monitors/CTs and which ones I should get.

I have several 220V breakers. But only looking to monitor the Stove, Dryer, hot water tank and furnace. Might cut it back to 3 220V monitors if that would be more beneficial.
I can always switch a 220V monitor to another breaker for testing. Unless that would cause issues.

Right now not really sure what I want to monitor on the 110 breakers…
My main reason is to know when the washer and dryer are done, since they are down stairs in the basement and I’m trying to limit the number of trips my mom makes to go downstairs.

Thanks for all your help.

120V need 1 CT.
240V with black and white wires 1 CT
240V with black and red wires 2 CT

Use 100A if breaker is more than 50A