What do I input for the Host for HA?

I crashed my Home Assistant system, so I have reloaded totally. I cannot for the life of me find what I need to input in the ´Host’ box when loading the integration. (Put it down to Old Timers disease!)

btw, this IotaWatt has been running flawlessly for well over 2 years. I am on a 180 deg 2 phase Rural system in Australia. (Similar to US system, but we are 240-0-240v. )

Probably the IP address of your IoTaWatt …

You can use iotawatt.local or the IP address.

Thx. This was a real Doh moment: I had tried (obviously) the IP address of IOtaWatt, but for some reason got an error last night. This morning, in the light of day, it went straight in.

Problem solved! (When the integration is updated, perhaps a better explanation, or mention it in the documentation?)

Good that you got bit going. If the IoTaWatt IP isn’t fixed in your router, you would be better off with IoTaWatt.local.

I don’t have anything to do with the HA integration. It’s user contributed and maintained.