What is "high resolution" data recording?

I finally found an energy monitor that I think I’m going to like, but I haven’t ordered it yet as I just found this place yesterday…

IotaWatt advertises 10 years of high resolution data logging.

Can someone tell me what “high resolution” means? Is that a data point every second, 5 seconds, 1 minute? Or what?

And does this resolution change over time? In other words, is the resolution for an hour ago the same as it is for yesterday, last month, or last year?

What is the update speed? Can I see the data change instantly in real time or is there some kind of data lag? If my well water pump turns on, will I see it instantly or is there some kind of batching process that will make me wait for it?

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From another post.

Also the Iotawatt will provide real time feedback - well delayed by 5 seconds I guess but thats all.

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As @Giraffe points out the unit records 5 second averages for the past year and 1 minute averages for the past 10 years. Available from the data recorded is voltage, Frequency, Watts, VA, var, Amps, and Wh and PF.

It also updates a real-time status display every second.


Thank you! That’s what I wanted to know.