What model number should I select from dropdown?

Hello. Just installed the CT’s. I’m now setting up the software but I don’t see the model numbers of the 2 CTs I installed from the dropdown box of the web interface. Here’s my 2 CT models:


These models are not available in the setup>inputs>configure input dropdown box. Please help!

What firmware version is shown in the status display? Also, what is your auto-update class setting (in the Setup/device menu).

Firmware Version: 02_05_02
Autoupdate Class: Minor

I believe yours is a new unit, so I don’t know why you have that firmware. I’ve changed the auto-update version so your system should upgrade within an hour. If you want to upgrade immediately, either restart the unit or change auto-update class to BETA or ALPHA.

You should upgrade to 02_05_09 and those CTs should be listed in the dropdown.

Did what you recommended and it worked!

Thanks for all you do. IoTaWatt is an awesome product.