What pieces will I need?

I know for sure that I need the following:

  • Standard Base
  • USB PS
  • Reference Transformer
  • (2) 100Ax16mm for the 100A panel? Or do I only need 1?

Now - I would prefer to monitor each plug that plugs into each outlet so that I don’t have to isolate each plug per breaker, but not sure that can be done. If not, I guess I have to isolate or buy something else like a PDU.

My equipment is:

  1. (1) 120VAC
  2. (2) 240VAC

That is what I have so far in my panel, but the plan is to expand.

For each 120VAC, do I need a single 50Ax10mm?

For each 240VAC, do I need a single 50Ax10mm as well?

And, then, is there any way to put it around the power cord itself?

Thanks in advance, sorry for the dumb questions :slight_smile:

If you are in North America or Japan, probably two as they are split-phase. Other countries, usually with 230V are single phase and you need one.

Monitor’s per-circuit, not per plug. You may want to look at disaggregation technology for that.

If you want to monitor than individually. If you want to aggregate two or more into a single metric, then you can bundle their conductors into one CT.

Depends. Please see the documentation

No, the CT goes around only one of the conductors, you will get a zero reading around the two conductor cord as the current flows equally in both conductors inside the cord and cancel each other out…

I’m in the US. Pretty simple panel, really :slight_smile: Here is how it is laid out:

Hopefully you can see that. Essentially (2) 240VAC double-pole breakers on the left and (2) 120VAC
single-pole breakers on the right.

so… do I then need a 50Ax10mm on each of the 4 black wires, I assume?

From the picture the 240V loads appear to be two-wire so yes, they can be measured with one CT and the two 120V loads can be measured with 50A CTs. So yes, it appears 4 x 50A CTs will do the trick.

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I received everything. The IoTaWatt itself came with the USB power and reference power. The D-Shell on the USB power is too short or the female side is recessed too much to work. If I push with the force of 1000 horses, it will finally turn the light green - but of course when I stop pushing the power turns off once again.

Question: Is it a basic USB d-shell connection that I could use with any other power supply? I would assume any 1 amp micro-usb would be fine.

The answer appears to be yes. Now I just have to let this thing ride since I’m not sure if I hooked the inputs up correctly :slight_smile:

I have:

  • 120VAC Input 1 - CT / AcuCT-H040-50
  • 240VAC Input 2 - CT / AcuCT-H040-50, Double
  • 240VAC Input 3 - CT / AcuCT-H040-50, Double

I am getting values in Graph+, just not quite what I expected yet. Will see as I watch more.