When adding 13th input - message log shows "inputs: Json parse failed"


I started with 10 inputs (plus AC) and today received additional CTs - but when adding the 13th input (including AC) - I get error in message log

6/28/22 14:19:06 inputs: Json parse failed

Nothing more - independent if it is added as channel 7 or 13.
running 02_07_05

Searched forum - nothing related found.

Thanks for help,

Can you post the add input just before you hit save? Also, the message log.

I would like to see the config.txt file as well. If you have any uploaders or otherwise sensitive passwords, you can post it to me in a private message.

Hi overeasy,

Thanks for the quick response.
After changing the config several times with non-logic results - I restarted the box - and after that I was able to add the channel config for all 15 channels.

Regarding Uploaders - are there any known issues with PvOutput?
It started to upload - but after the first day - it stopped with:
6/28/22 18:55:14 PVoutput: Start status beginning 06/24/22 00:05:00
6/28/22 18:55:16 PVoutput: Unrecognized HTTP completion, upload Bad request 400: Invalid data format [20


:was probably insufficient heap storage to perform the parse. Low heap is usually associated with weak WiFi so check that.

PVoutput is sensitive to local time settings, so check that you have the correct time zone set in the IoTaWatt and in PVoutput.

Could also be your generation or consumption is not specified correctly yielding a negative number.

thanks for update.
WiFi look Ok
I remembered that I had a typo in time zone setup in the first days → changed start to 06/25/22 and now PVoutput is also running.

In the meantime I checked daily import/export Wh values with values of my provider and I see a difference of about 20%. Maybe it makes sense to open another thread for that one…


They should be within 1%.