Which kit to buy for Australia?

Which kit should I buy for a single phase setup in Australia?

The store doesn’t list an Australian kit anymore. Is the “Generic kit” a suitable replacement or will the 230V work with the 240V mains here in Australia?

So far as I am aware (Bob might correct me)The iotawatt unit is the same everywhere - it is only the 5v power supply and the voltage transformer (which provides the reference voltage for the measurements) that are localised.

While any good quality 5v usb will do for power (it needs to be reliable with negligible power fluctuations) the voltage transformer ideally needs to be one of the ones that Bob has the calibration data already configured in iotawatt. The info is in the documentation Here

Other posts on the forum might point you to local suppliers.

The 230 kit has European style power and voltage transormers. Not suitable for Australia.

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Makes sense - I just wanted to be doubly sure before ordering :slightly_smiling_face:

You can also get a complete kit from Smart Guys Australia.

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