Wifi 6 AP - Iotawatt can't connect - resolved

I just moved over from my old WiFi APs, which were Unifi, to newer WiFi 6 APs from Aruba. All of my clients connected automatically to the new AP (since I configured the SSID identically) except for IotaWatt. Is it because it is WiFi 6? I get the R-G-G, but then the LED just goes dark after a bit.

RGG after power up means it cannot connect to the configured WiFi network and is in AP mode so that you can connect to it directly to configure another network. You might try that (as in the connecting to WiFi docs) to see what happens. Does it see your SSID? What happens if you try to configure it?

After three minutes without you connecting, the IoTaWatt will discontinue AP mode and begin sampling without a WiFi connection. The LED should be glowing a dull red.

IoTaWatt specs say ā€œ802.11b/g/nā€. If your new router does not have backward compatibility to that, you will need some type of bridge.

Another issue may be your authentication settings. The ESP8266 supports WEP/WPA/WPA2.

Not sure why, but I connected to it, set up the SSID again (same SSID/pass as before) and now it is connected. Thank you!

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