Wifi intermittent and failing - resolved


I have 2x iotawatt’s and one just dropped off the emoncms monitoring. I rebooted it but nothing
change and then realised its wifi was very intermittent. I removed it and relocated to a better reception area but no change. Seems the wifi module is kaput?

I have video of the lights status

Can’t you post the message log?

I cannot connect to it its too intermittent. I have video of the lights but its too big to post (I think)

Can you describe what the led is doing?

On boot its solid green then flashes a little then blanks and goes flashes red then repeats. The blue leds on wifi module seem to stop then the red comes on? Easier to watch than describe :slight_smile:

What country are you located in?

When did this start (when does your Emoncms feed stop)

What is your auto-update class?

Looks like 6-8weeks ago
Minor (I think) thats what the working one is anyway.

There is a problem that is unique to Australia. It involves the unit attempting to upgrade to a new release but timing out the release download - over and over again. This doesn’t happen elsewhere. I suspect it has to do with deliberately degraded internet speed, but I have no evidence to back that up.

Has the problem just changed?

Not sure what “deliberately degraded internet speed” means but I am on a business grade 200MB fibre link thats very fast and stable. Its been running fine for a bit over a year then stopped 23-Mar.

Like I said, I have no evidence, but that’s the date the release was changed and others, with good internet, have had the same proble. Only in Australia. I haven’t tried to nail it down to ISP.

I have temporarily changed the release version file. Has the problem stopped?

Just checked its still the same…

OK, then I will need to see the message log. There are two ways to do that:

  1. Power down the unit, open it up, carefully remove the SDcard, mount it in another computer and upload the file /iotawatt/iotamsgs.txt to the forum.

  2. Send the unit to me and I’ll fix whatever is the problem.

Your call. Take your time and think about it. It’s late here and I’m signing off. I’ll check this thread in the morning.

I removed the SDcard and put it into my adapter/Mac but it doesn’t open so I think its failed maybe. I have a brand new SDcard and it works. Can I load the system onto it??

Ouch. Can you look closely at it and see if you might have cracked it removing it?

It looks fine and came out easily

OK I removed and inserted it a few times and got it to recognise finally. I can see the files. The iotamessages.txt is 523Mb and doesn’t seem to open

You can load the SDcard with the files here.

If you leave off the config.txt, the system should start with the led sequence G_R_R_R indicating no config file. You should be able to access the unit and run the file manager. There is a copy of the last good config file in the ESP8266 SPIFFS file system and you should be able to see it in the directory esp_spiffs. Download it and then upload it to the SD root.

The file manager is documented here.

Or you can use the default config git and reconfigure everything.

Thanks Bob I got all working with a new SDcard.

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