WiFi power-on timeout

I’m building out a trailer for HPDE track days, and I’d ike to use IoTaWatt to monitor power usage in it. The trailer will be disconnected from power most of the time, only really used about one weekend a month; I don’t want to have to reconfigure the IoTaWatt every time I set up at the track. I’ll have a local WiFi hotspot available. I may not have Internet available. My first question is, how long does it take from power-up of the IoTaWatt until it decides there’s no WiFi available and sets itself into AP mode to wait for WiFi reconfiguration? Second, is true Internet required, or can I use the IoTaWatt in “disconnected” mode, with only it and a client computer on the WiFi network?

It will go into AP mode upon power up for three minutes. After that, as long as the real-time-clock is running, it will stop AP mode and operate normally without WiFi.

Internet is not strictly required, although it is good to have available occasionally to correct the real time clock and check for firmware updates.

Will it re-try to connect to WiFi once it starts operating without?

Yes, to the last network it had successfully used.

I think the graph+ page uses some files downloaded from the cloudfare CDN as described here: Graph+ doesn't work when Internet/ISP is down - resolved

Copies of the required files can be saved to the SD card for times when the internet is not available.