Will CT work with appliance's power cord?

Hi there,

I’ve read the Iotawatt’s documentation twice. Still, the below question bothers me. Forgive me for ignorance.

Instead of installing IotaWatt in our circuit/mainboard, can we use an extension cord of 230v to plug the Reference transformer and Power USB for testing/demo purposes?

If yes, can I clip a single CT on an appliance’s(washing machine) insulated power cord rather than on a circuit? Will the CT work?

If no, why no?


Yes, you can do that, with the caution that there should be no other loads on the extension cord as that might cause voltage reference fluctuation

The ct must go on only one of the two conductors in the power cord. Placing it around the cable with both conductors will not work. Don’t recall where I got it, but I have this handy gadget.

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The current in one direction on one wire is cancelled out by exactly the same magnitude current going in the opposite direction on the other wire. The CT sees the net current on both wires which will be zero.

Thanks for the response.

Please help me out by sending that gadget’s image without a clipped CT.
I’m searching it with different keywords. Share if you have any ideas on how would you call it.

Not exactly the same device, but this device should fit the bill, assuming your CT can fit.