Will iotawatt "See" this sensor as a CT?

On our water system, I want to add a 4-20ma water level sensor. I can easily calibrate the signal to equate to the water level in the water tank. From what I have read here, it seems that I can connect this sensor directly into a CT port on the iotawatt. Correct?

It’s doable. If you search I think you will find at least one other user that has adapted a 4-20ma device to the IoTaWatt. I’d suggest you consider changing the burden to about 5 Ohm and then configuring as a generic CT with a “turns” ratio that will convert your 20ma signal to the maximum scale of your device. For instance if 20mA equates to a liquid level of 100mm, you might set the turns to 100 / .02 = 5,000 turns.

The output will have units Watts, but that’s the way it goes.