Wires won't fit

I’m on split phase 120V in the US. Got my new setup and hooked everything up, but my 240V range has wires that are too large in diameter to get in a CT. It looks like if I get an EChun 200A clamp on CT I can make the wires fit with the amount of wire slack that I’ve got. Are there any problems with using a 200A CT on a 50A circuit?
Another option would be to put two separate clamps on the red and black wire (it does have a neutral), but that would take up an extra port, and I’m having trouble combining enough things to monitor everything.
Similar question for my air conditioner, but different situation, no neutral wire on this one. I assume I can monitor a single phase and double it, is that correct?

…I guess another option could be to use a separate 50A CT on each of the two wires, then combine them with a headphone splitter. Anyone have any experience with these things who can recommend a path forward?

Are you passing both wires through one CT in opposite directions? If that’s the case, the EChun clamp will work or the AccuCT 200A split-core (24mm) should work. There is no problem with using a 200A for that.

If you were to combine two CTs with a splitter, they would need to be 100A CTs to work correctly.

Yes, I was planning on passing the two wires through in opposite directions. I’ll go with the EChun since I think it’s narrower width will be easier to work with on these big wires.