Working fine for a month then Red-Red-Red LED

I purchased my IoTaWatt system on 9 Nov 2022. I just got around to installing it about a month ago. It has operated great until today when I could not connect to it. Since it was flashing red-red-red I power cycled it. It came up the same red-red-red. While typing this I power cycled again this time it came up normal and I can read data in ‘Graph+’. I am relieved but…
Do I have a problem that will bite me soon? Is this possibly a corrupt SD card? Just a fluke electronics thing?
Thanks for any help and please dumb down any tech language so a guy like me can understand.

Quite possibly.

Those cards have been exhibiting other failure modes as well. If you provide your order number, I will send a replacement card.

Thank you, overeasy, for sending a new SD card.