Yet another extending CT leads question

Looking to place 8 CT clamps in my switchboard with the IotaWatt mounted about 2m away. The switchboard already has 2 existing clamps fitted which will be included in 8 total CTs. I have used 3.5mm extensions for the original 2 clamps and can not run an additional 6 extensions thought the existing conduit.
For this reason I would like to change to 2 x RJ45 cables. I have found this on Aliexpress and was wondering if this would be an easier way of termination the CTs at each end.

Doesn’t look easier but has its merits:

  • The two ethernet cables should fit in your conduit.
  • Twisted pair low resistance wire.
  • Probably good for much longer distances.

And its drawbacks:

  • May need to build the ethernet cable in place as the RJ45 plug may not easily pass through your conduit.
  • Need to cut the CT wires and install to screws at each end.

I was thinking along the same path. Easy to terminate with Lan connectors, and smallish packaging. The thought of cutting the CT leads doesn’t daunt me. Also would 3D print an enclosure for the switchboard box and another for the IotaWatt end.
If anyone else has used RJ45 do you have any photos of your implementation? Maybe give me some new and better ideas for a solution.
I’ll get on and order them and report back with any thoughts.

You didn’t state which part of the world you are in, to determine which rules apply, nor how much you care about them or safety.

In many places, I am pretty sure LAN cable would not be suitable in a switchboard box. Pretty sure the NEC requires wires to have at least 300V rated insulation.

This is the closest answer I could find. Electrical Panel Code Help | - Interactive Q & A

I did find Cat5 cable with 300V insulation and you could use a lot of good electrical tape to cover up the connectors and it might be good enough to pass inspection.

You can even get 600V rated cable: 600V Industrial Ethernet Cable: Safety & NEC Considerations

Thanks. I’ll take a look at local legislation with my sparky.