02_07_05 Maintenance ALPHA, BETA, MINOR, MAJOR

12/18/2021 ALPHA
12/21/2021 BETA
01/03/2022 MINOR
04/27/2022 MAJOR

This is a very minor update to 02_07_04:

Fix various script issues:

Amps incorrectly reported with “doubled” or derived reference voltage.
Hz incorrectly reported.
Second and subsequent integrations return zeroes.
Backspace functions incorrectly on integrations in calculator.

02_07_04 has been very stable since release November 19. This release should go BETA quickly and hopefully MINOR by January. Please report any issues.

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Was this released to ALPHA?
By any change you use log4j? I know, I have no clue what I am talking about but just wanted to ask…

Not to my knowledge.

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