3 Phase install. Doesn't add up

I just did my 3 phase home install but the totals doesn’t add up. What might be wrong with the install or what can I check? I followed the install instructions in the documentation.

Not sure which instructions you followed. Folks have had success with these newer simplified instructions.

You have only one AC reference transformer, so you are using derived reference. The IoTaWatt comes with a VT configured, but it is a North America VT and calibrated to 120V. You must change the model to match your 230V unit - Ideal 77DE-06-09(EU)``. When you do that, you should see a more realistic voltage for South Africa.

Once you establish the correct voltage, you should follow the instructions above. Concentrate on getting the mains correct first, as that will identify the phase assignments for the branch circuit CTs.

If you get stuck. I’ll need good pictures of your panel showing the mains CTs installed, a screenshot of your inputs setup display, and a screenshot of your status display.

From the status display that you posted, the phase assignment for Phase_1_A cannot be right with a power factor of .30. I’m thinking that phase should be in the neighborhood of 700Watts.

So I got the Euro kit from you. Came with the 9V AC Reference Transformer 230V Euro Plug VT. That’s what I have in the order form.

Read up a bit more on other suggestion you gave other people and found my one CT was not attached in the same direction so I flipped that. Also made sure they are all point or attached to the 3 phase wires in the same direction/orientation.

What I haven’t done yet is figured out that my VT is connected to the wire I have configured as Phase A. So will quickly do that when home and then see how it goes.

Also busy running around with a kettle to identify all the curcuits.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear about this. We both know that you have the 230V transformer, but the IoTaWatt does not. You must change the model in setup to Ideal 77DE-06-09.

Start with the three mains and get those right.

Thanks so far for the help. Think it’s starting to look better. Just moved into a new place and have a few circuits that I don’t know where they are going :man_facepalming: But we will get there.