Can IoTaWatt record both consumption and production?

My understanding is that its the current transformer sensor that support bi-directional reading meaning whether the Line is consuming or producing? Is that correct understanding? because I am unable to determine if CT such as “AccuCT 100A x 16mm split-core” bi-directional or not?

Yes you can track both. I would assume all CT’s are bidirectional as they are just transforming the current passing through a wire.

The iotawatt software allows you to switch direction per CT input with the press of a button in the user interface. So if you install one wrong you can just change it in the input settings.

Here is a link to my setup pictures.

There are tons of posts on here relating to this and the docs explain everything really well.

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To clarify what is happening here, a CT measures current. Your electricity is provided as AC, which is Alternating Current. The current alternates direction 50 or 60 times per second, so the CT sees a pretty much symmetrical flow of current in both directions. In fact, it’s the change in current that causes all transformers to work, they do not work with Direct Current.

The direction of the power is determined by the current with respect to the voltage. If they are in phase, the power is moving one way, if they are out of phase, the power is moving the other way. IoTaWatt needs both a voltage and current signal to determine the power and direction.

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