CT displays negative mA - IoTaWAtt Script issue

Two wire 208v load. CT is on the conductor connected to phase C and points towards the load and ‘Mains phase:’ is set to ‘C-A (-150°)’. Turns out that’s reversed, so the reverse setting is enabled.
(assumed that was the right orientation when I installed it based on the phase setting saying C-A and not A-C, gonna physically reverse it when my last order arrives).

Graph+ displays this source as negative mA instead of the correct amperage. (I’m assuming direct input amperage before scaling and turning positive)

Amps graphed. (watts and all other metrics are correct)

Input settings.

Meant to include this screenshot with Amps and Watts instead of the other one…

Can you add VA to that plot please?

4.7KVA vs 4.69KW

The amps displayed changes based on how far you zoom in. Here its 1ma, in a 24hr or larger scale it’s ~13ma

OK, the VA looks right. The IoTaWatt doesn’t save Amps directly, it saves VA and then divides that by V to get amps. So there is probably a problem with the script system and your 208V. That was all redone a few releases ago and it took awhile to discover a problem with Hz. So maybe there’s something else here. I’ll look into it over the next week or so.

Turns out I miss identified that conductor: the ct was on the A phase conductor facing the load, hence it being reversed.

CT facing from phase C towards phase A is the correct orientation.

Hasn’t effected the incorrect amps reading, just figured I’d update that point for anyone else reading.

I’ve uncovered the problem with amps. It effects any input with modified voltage. That would include any phase-phase reference in a three-phase system or any single-phase input that uses “double”. It will be fixed in the next release.

As in the Hz problem discovered last week, the data in the datalog is correct. It’s a problem with the scripting system.