CT´s how to measure positive current direction

For clamping CT´s in the right direction to get a positive power measurement for all 3 phases how can i measure on the 3,5 mm plug the mA.

i.e. with a multimeter

Wat is needed for the iotawatt plus or minus on the tip of the CT ???

Measuring the current output won’t help. An ammeter will read the same with the CT mounted in either direction. For derived three-phase all of the CTs should be installed the same way.

Install one CT to a load on the same phase as the VT. Note the current direction in the status display. If it shows the little reversed arrow, reverse the CT so that the arrow disappears. Note the “source” side and the “load” side of the CT.

Now install the other CTs with the same orientation with respect to load and source, then follow the instructions in the wiki for determining the phase of each CT.