Day 3 and Already Caught a Large Voltage Spike from Utility shutting Down my Enphase Micros

My voltage seems to always run high here but now having a monitor I can prove it!

Was checking my PVOutput and noticed a voltage spike and solar drop with not a cloud in the sky.

I immediately checked my Enphase data and sure enough production dropped during those spikes.

The spike went to 133 V(266 V doubled) and the IQ6+ can handle 264 V before cutting off.

Probably rare to notice this ever happening even with a monitor as it is very often cloudy here.

Anyone else ever see this with their solar inverter?

I still had your PVoutput in a window from yesterday and was looking at it this afternoon thinking “that cloud is ruining a perfect day”.

Be advised that your total voltage may not be exactly double the single leg voltage. It is probably very close but unbalanced legs can cause differences. I run my home IoTaWatt with a 230V Euro transformer plugged into the 240V and calibrated down to half. So I can legitimately double it for the grid voltage.

I have been doing this since 2019 and explain my reasons in this post:

Your PVoutput is looking much smoother now. I can see that you are oriented pretty much directly south and I can see where the sun comes up, where it begins to shine directly on the array, where it falls off the array and when it sets. I was pondering that knowing the location, it should be possible to compute the orientation of an array. Or conversely if the orientation is known, compute the longitude.

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