DIY IoTaWatt V5.0

Hello from Germany.
With the info´s from Github i make my own IoTaWatt.
Here is some information that might also help others:

My own BOM (Maybe not entirely correct)
IoTaWatt V5 BOM.pdf (567.1 KB)

I ordered the PCB-board from JLCPCB with the Eagle Files from the IoTaWatt Github.
I ordered the parts from Digikey, Ebay and

I uses the free Software “DesignSpark Mechanical 4.0” for the housing.
I also printed the case with my 3D printer.


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I build the Software from the IoTaWatt Github Firmware with PlatformIO and uploaded
to the NodeMCU.
I change the setup.cpp for the V5.0 Hardware for the EEprom.

And put the right files on the microSD Card (fat32).

Hey Michael

would it be possible to share the case?


Hey Sebastian. Yes, it’s possible. I’ll try it on the weekend.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Sandblech do you think you find some time today or tomorrow? I’m still wondering that there is really nothing in Thingiverse.

Now you can find it!

Feel free to improve it. I use the Free Software DesignSpark Mechanical.

If anyone needs help with DesignSpark, you can hit me up and I’ll answer your questions.

Can you provide a photo of your assembled pcb i am not able to get the connection of header 1x4 . In the iotawattv5.0 and i have 10358 ic instead of LM358 is it okay to use

The header is DNP in production boards and is there to allow adding an i2c chip such as an IO expander.


is there an official BOM?


Also please specify about R10 and R11 register what are the values for three phase and without 3 phase

R10 and R11 are populated with a zero Ohm shunt if the board is built without connectors J16 and J15 respectively. Otherwise they are DNP.

I have connected the j15 and j16 but can’t find a zero ohm shunt can i just connect the terminals of resistors

And what if i just left them without any connection in my pcb can i work with the single phase j00 Vt jack

If you have J15 and J16, you should DNP (Do Not Populate) the R11 and R10 resistors. So you either populate J15 and J16 or you populate J11 and J10, but not both.

Okay thankyou i was worried about the assembly as i didn’t get a 0 ohm shunt and what if i didn’t connect them will i be able to run my iotawatt without connection at R10 and R11 thankyou for solving the doubt