Emporia Rogowski Coil setup for IotaWatt

I have a main panel with very limited access to one of the main wires, no way to get a regular CT on it.

I see in this thread there was some good success with getting the Emporia Rogowski Coils (RC) to work:

I just wanted to make sure I configure it correctly as there seems to be slightly different instructions in the 2 posts from @Overeasy on making it work.


Step 1: remove burden resistor from the relevant input inside IotaWatt.
Step 2: set burden resistor value in config to ?? (1st post says 6.67, 2nd post doesn’t say).
Step 3: set CT type to generic 12,000 turn.

I am concerned about the proper setting for burden resistor value.

As for the CT setting I was going use the latest info which was generic CT 12,000 turn.

Thank you for any assistance!

More info just in case:
This is USA 120/240 Split phase, I was going to use a regular CT on the main wire I can get to, and the RC on the other.
I can post a pic tomorrow when I start installing the regular CTs.

The burden value is irrelevant. Just set it up like this:

I believe Emporia sells them in pairs, so you might as well do both mains with them.

Perfect, Thank you so much!

Since burden value doesn’t matter can I set it to zero, just as another reminder that that input is different?

Yes they are sold as pairs, but I was going to save one for experimenting with or using as a portable flexible current clamp.

The flexible ones require an external power supply. Emporia provides a single power supply that splits to power both sensors, so you won’t be able to keep them separate (without getting another power supply)

I am aware as I already have them, but Thank you.

The psu is nothing special.

Got all the CTs installed and the RC. Just need to find my hot air station and pull the burden resistor for the RC input.