Firmware release notes

I’ve looked in vein for firmware release notes; in this forum (releases), in the doco, in GitHub. I could do a diff between two releases but that’s not the same as a high level human readable explanation of what has changed.

I do have release notes from Bob’s blog for 02_05_00 ALPHA & 02_04_01 ALPHA, but it’s rather ad-hoc.

Notes are here.

Also a little more detail in the commit history

Thanks Bob. I had already seen both of those pages before my post. I was thinking more along the lines of any relevant release on, say 2.5.0 or 2.4.1, could have a link to any further details, say like you wrote @ Release 02_05_00 ALPHA auto-update.

Sorry Andrew. I’m just one guy, so the documentation isn’t what you see in an organization. With 02_05_00, I introduced Graph+ and query. I put quite a bit of effort into updating the docs to explain how it all works, and the docs are in the git so readthedocs is version specific.

Beyond that, i’m afraid you would need to look at the diffs to see how I fixed bugs and such.

02_05_04 didn’t have a lot of changes to the firmware, but introduced the latest version of the underlying ESP-IDF/Arduino core. You can find a long list of what’s in that in their git. I don’t know know what half the stuff is and it represents a lot of work over a substantial amount of time by the Espresif folks as well as numerous outside contributors.