Function Outputs to EmonCMS

Hi all.
I have found this thread, which explains exactly what i am trying to do, but i feel like I am missing something

All my inputs are getting published into EmonCMS perfectly. I want to add some outputs/functions, and this is where I am getting stuck.

I have tried to add extra Emoncms inputs, but as soon as add a new one, no matter what i do theres never a save button!

It doesnt seem to matter what i put in name, or select as part of the data set.

Have i just missed something simple ?

The name field (first box) is the new name. To fill in the wide field hover over the input button, it calls up a menu of fields, and click them, then an operator (e.g. +) and repeat for an additional field.

As @Linwood stated. The name of the feed is at the top of the window. Below in the section you were typing the name is what you want the assigned output to include. Something like (Main1 + Main2) would assign the given output the total of the two mains; in a split phase system. You could do something like (Main1 + Main2 + Solar) to get an idea of home consumption; etc.

Once you have a formula that is valid and a name in the top, the SAVE option will appear. It will not let you save without a valid input.

If so, I’ve missed it as well. Can you try a few things to narrow it down?

What happens when you press “edit” for an existing output? Specifically, does the calculator appear with a Save button?

When you first select “Add”, you should get the calculator and it should look like this:

Now could you type 16 and then tab and see if Save appears?

Last, can you post your status display?

I am not sure what I was doing, but ive tried again this morning and I managed to get it to display.
Maybe i never had a correctly formatted function

I worked out the problem.
Ive had it happen 2 or 3 times now, where it wont let me save any sort of output function.
If i refresh the web page and start again, the save button appears.

What browser and what platform? Does it support HTML 5?

Windows 10 and Chrome. Not sure what version of chrome but can find out later if it’s helpful.

That should work. One thing that occurs to me is that the display is not updated with each keystroke, only after the cursor is moved out of a field that has been changed. Is it possible that is the issue here?

Could be I will keep that in mind when I next edit something.