Iotawatt outputs not showing in emoncms input list [solved]

Hi, I am currently adding a second iotawatt to feed into my up and running local emoncms. I have no problems adding the 15 ct inputs. But the calculated outputs from the new iotawatt do not show up in the emoncms input list. And I have forgotten if there was a trick to make this happen.
What’s wrong?

Second thing: I read in some thread here that one might run into trouble with too many feeds. Is that so, and what would be the limitation?

When you configure a new Emoncms uploader, it automatically creates 15 entries called “Emoncms Inputs” numbered 1-15, corresponding to the IoTaWatt inputs 0-14 (confused yet?).

Those are each configurable, and if you click on the edit button for any of them, you will see that they are calculator type outputs. Your “outputs” as defined in the “outputs” display of the configuration app do not appear here. If you want to send additional calculated data, you can add another “Emoncms Input” using the add button at the bottom of the list. I recommend that you use numbers 16 and up for these and leave 1-15 for the raw IoTaWatt data.

I think the physical limit is 98 entries (1-99), but the practical limit is a function of what else you have configured and how often you will have bulk upload recovery running. I would think 30 or so would be a reasonable number.

I do not see any add button on the emoncms input screen. I was expecting one, though. Am I looking in the wrong place?

At the bottom of the. IoTaWatt Emoncms service. Add the input here and it will appear in Emoncms when it is sent by the IoTaWatt.

Ah, thanks! I had current setup from almost one year ago, had forgotten almost everything in between (things are 100% stable, no need to troubleshoot regularly)