Grafana Experts? Tile to show current power source

I have just spun up a new version on a raspberry pi and loaded some data to it.
This is running InfluxDB V2.6.1
And Grafana OOS 9.4.3
I tried using both the string manipulation and the date truncate method and it still ignores the query settings and obeys whatever I set in the drop down menu? Really odd but I’m not too worried for now as the relative time setting seems to do everything I need. For now at least.

That is actually the way it is documented to work, so not really odd.

I suspect @wallacebrf has something different going on. Not sure what, but providing the JSON and more information would shed some light and perhaps be a case study for the Journal of Irreproducible Results.

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here is a link to my entire JASON file

perhaps that will help?

Mystery solved. You have this:

      "title": "KWH Per Day Since Start of Month",
      "type": "barchart"

Bar charts do not have the concept of time, so don’t respect the time window that a Time Series does. You can create a Time Series that displays bars along a time line, which is what I thought you were using. But, you appear to be using the newish Bar Chart which is in Beta. This method displays as much (or little) data as the query returns. So, if you want a bar chart, you do not need to specify relative time. I think that is a good option for daily power usage, so thanks for sharing your JSON.

The documentation on Grafana is not clear on which to use when. It seems like the intention is for barchart to be used in non-time series data, but it now appears to support time series data well enough.

This is from an earlier version which did not appear to work so well with time series data.
How to display time series data as a bar chart in Grafana? - Grafana / Bar Chart (BETA) Panel - Grafana Labs Community Forums

glad that was able to shed some light on the issue, and i agree it is good to know the bar chart behaves this way