Green-Red-Red-Green LED Sequence

Yes, it’s in seconds. That’s the resolution of the RTC. Keep an eye on the adjustments, and please provide your hardware order number.

Thanks, my order number was #126097


Just an update … after the last mishap when I pulled the SD card, grabbed the log and posted it above.
After that I simply put the card back in and its been running fine again.
I have been keeping an eye on the log file for time adjustments, its been 8 days so far and there have been no time adjustments in the log at all.
iotamsgs.txt (6.5 KB)
There seems to be nothing much in the log at all apart from a wifi-reconnect when I power cycled my access point earlier tonight.
Strikes me as a little strange given the time seemed to vary wildly when the problem happened :frowning:
I am keeping an eye on my home network as well in the event that anything starts reporting whacky time.

Regards, Mark

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