Green-Red-Red-Green LED Sequence

Thanks, looks like that’s gone now.

No matter, I have recreated it from scratch and took the opportunity to rename things.

Thanks again. Looks like it sorted itself out once I did some stuff on the HA end. The last message log entry was:

SD initialized.
3/17/24 02:06:14z Real Time Clock is running. Unix time 1710641174 
3/17/24 02:06:14z Reset reason: Exception

which wasn’t all that long after the ones I posted yesterday. Since then there is nothing new in the messages file.

It all seems to be working well, and also the HA integration (the forked one that works) appears to be nice and stable. Previously it used to drop out a lot even though the Iotawatt would be online and reporting OK via the iotawatt.local page.

Maybe the old SD card was causing issues. For the record this was the card in the unit:

In any case, the good thing was the unit gave me a clear indicator of what the issue was, and despite my uncertainty I was able to get it all back up and running by following the documentation.

Thanks again.

Could you post a picture of the back of the card? Most of the SD card problems are related to a bad batch of those cards.


That’s the bad batch.

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