How do I set the darn Time clock in the device?

I bought this thing because it was advertised as not needing the internet to work, but the time clock is off.

How do I set the time??

It can run without the internet, but it needs an internet time server to set its internal clock. Once connected and set, you can disconnect it from the internet.

The setup browser app does not require any internet files to work (yet), but Graph+ does need to download many CDN files to be adaptive and graph.

I would encourage leaving the internet connected if possible, or at least connect it once in a while. When you do that the unit checks and adjusts the time regularly, and also will auto-update the firmware (you can opt-out

Why would they NOT allow a user to set the time themselves? That’s ridiculous. We should also be able to download the updates and load them ourselves as well.

They need to allow the end user more control and less dependence on 3rd parties.

Like an old VCR.

You can do that. but you will first need to download the release… wait for it… from the internet.