How to update version manually

Use this procedure to download and install a selected release of the firmware.

  1. Set your auto-update class to NONE. This is so the IoTaWatt won’t immediately revert to an auto-update version after you install your selected release.

  2. Download the desired release to your computer:
    where xx_xx_xx is the desired release.

  3. Navigate to the IoTaWatt File Manager:

  4. Tools->File Manager and Editor

  5. In the upper left click

  6. Using the file selection interface of your particular OS/browser, navigate to the downloaded file and click Open.

  7. The file will appear in the file name window. image

  8. Prepend the directory name /download to the filename. image

  9. Click the Upload button.

  10. In your browser, enter the following URL (substitute your name or IP if not iotawatt.local) http://iotawatt.local/update?release=xx.xx.xx

  11. Wait about 15-20 seconds while the release file is validated, after which the message Firmware updated, restarting. should appear.

  12. Wait another 10 seconds or so and run the IoTaWatt app. the new version should be displayed in Status->IoTaWatt Statistics.

Note: If you are loading a release that was previously installed, it should already be in the /download directory. If so, you can skip steps 2-9.

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