How many main CTs do I need

Hi. My panel has 4 mains going into 4 breakers connected as one. Would I install 4 main CTs for this setup? Would each CT go into an input on the iotawatt or would I join them (with a 3.5mm merge) before feeding as an input into the iotawatt?

Similar question for the bottom breaker (with the red wires) which has two breakers joined together (60A total).

If you can fit the pair from each 110v leg into a single CT, you will only need 2 for the mains.

As the 60 amp breaker appears to have no neutral, you only need 1 CT as the current must be equal in each leg (unless you have a ground fault on the circuit (which you really don’t want!)).

I have never seen a quadruple breaker @ 200 amps like this one before. What size is the panel?

There are several instances of that panel discussed in this forum. Try this Questions about Another Siemens 200a Panel Install