Influx DB v1 - no longer able to have multiple measurements with same name and different units


I have been using Iotawatt with influx DB v1 uploader happily for c. 2 years.

My configuration is to have multiple measurements with the same name but different units - e.g, Name set to ‘Car_Charger’ and ‘Watts’, ‘Amps’, ‘Wh’ etc. all set as separate units for different measurements.

I came to add a new CT today and went to add it in the Iotawatt influx config. When I tried to add the new measurements, the config would not let me add multiple measurements with the same name and different units - whatever the last unit added would overwrite the previous. Worse, when I clicked ‘save’, only a single name / unit pair was retained for all my previously configured measurements.

Has there been a deliberate breaking change in recent firmware requiring ‘name’ to be unique, rather than ‘name’ ‘measurement’ tuple? Weirdly, it seems only to be in the configuration interface as my config was working fine until I tried to make a change.

Your help very much appreciated!


…just to add to this, if I manually edit the config.txt file then the uploader happily works as before - it does look to be a change in the configuration app. Looking at this it looks like this issue came up previously, but that fixed in a previous merge… has it been ‘unmerged’ :slight_smile:

Thanks again

That should work, but I see that it doesn’t. Will need to research where that changed and fix. May take a couple of days. I believe it is just a problem with the config editor and the IoTaWatt firmware still supports it.

Thank you - I can confirm it still works when the config is manually edited, so looks to just be the config editor

Please replace your index.htm file with this version.

index.htm (155.6 KB)

Hi - I have done that and the new file works as expected. Thank you.

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I stubled over this bug as well, after I had to reconfigure one of my IotaWatt after my SD card died. With the updated index.htm it seems to be working again :slight_smile:

At least it was funny to see the “contents” of the “dead” SD-Card:

“me Clock. is” :wink: