InfluxDB naming (+please add confirmation of Delete)

I was poking around my IoTaWatt yesterday and was looking at my InfluxDB settings
when I by accident hit “Delete” instead of “Cancel” and poof ! just like that it was gone.
Alright, read / think before you click - but could you please add a confirmation for us who don’t :wink:

Upon adding things back in I figured I might was well take the opportunity to restructure things a bit
but to my surprise I’m not able to add two uploaders with the same name, the 2nd overwrites the 1st.
This issue appears to have been addressed in the past, but it’s “back” again ?

Running FW 02_07_05

You can upload the latest setup app to resolve the duplicate name problem.

index.htm (155.6 KB)

There are a lot of opportunities to delete things in the app. Covering them all would be a big project. Immediately after you delete something, you can recover the previous config using the file manager. It is in the root directory called config-1.txt. Download it, change the name to config+1.txt and upload it.

Edit: refresh your browser window after returning to the setup app to cause it to load the restored config.

Good to know.

What about the naming issue?
Can that be worked around by changing the names in the config file and uploading it per your instructions above?

That index.htm should resolve your naming issue.

Sorry, missed that part reading it on my phone, thank you very much!