Local configuration page not visible / how do I reset?

I accidentally deleted some file in the file explore.

After that it is showing me above error when I open the local configuration page of the device on browser!

Can you please tell if the device need to be flash again? If YES then kindly tell the procedure for the flashing if NO then please help with the alternatives.


Can you run the file manager with the url



Meter is connected but.
I think the htm file for this deleted.

Don’t panic. The files are release specific. Do you know what auto-update you were on or what release?

You will need to remove the SDcard and copy the needed files to it with another computer. The most recent files for 02_07_05 are here. The files for 02_06_06 are here.

  1. Power down the IoTaWatt and open it up by removing the four screws on the bottom.

  2. Remove the SDcard being very careful not to crack it. The card must be pulled straight out without bending. I usually pull it carefully with a pair of needle-nosed pliers.

  3. Mount the card in another computer.

  4. At this point it’s easy to backup your datalogs. If you have storage (up to 3GB), copy the directory iotawatt to your harddrive as backup.

  5. Copy the missing files from your download directory to the SDcard root.

  6. Reinsert the SD into IoTaWatt.

  7. Power back up.

Can you tell how to upgrade to the 02_07_05 version?

Set auto update to ALPHA or BETA, or update manually as How to update version manually