Make own IoTWatt debug builds


Because I didn’t want to hack my previous post, I create this new topic to keep things separated.

I have some theoretical background so I can dive deeper into this. And I know someone who can even further help me understanding it.
Further more I’m a firmware programmer, so if possible, I would like to know is there is some way I can compile the code an put in on the device? Any tips or steps to do that would be great.
That way I could check if I could get the separated phase power running. If possible I could add it later with a pull request…


The firmware is open source and easily cloned from the github repo. It is setup to build using VScode and PlatformIO. You would only need to set the upload address in the platformio.ini file to upload to an IoTaWatt using a USB type A to USB micro A cable replacing the USB power supply.