Ordering additional CTs

Hi all,

I found time to start setting up my ioawatt kit today and soon realised that some of the CTs I got are too small for the thick cables used in our air source heat pumps. So I’ll need to get one or two more AcuCT-H063-100s which are perfect for the cable size. I’m based in the UK, is there a place to order from or is there an alternative CT I can order in the UK?

Thank you!

I only sell the AccuCT in the USA store. IoTaWatt supports several dozen different CT models with varied availability. I believe you can get the SCT013-000 from OEM.

As in the other answer, the 50A CTs are 10mm. Are you sure you are not trying to place the CT around a cable with multiple conductors? Because that will not work.

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You are correct, as per my other post, I didn’t realise I need to clamp a single cable. I’ve ordered a pair of safety gloves and will open the consumer unit (fuse box) and attach the CTs on single cables. It’s a neater solution and will provide better instrumentation.

Thanks for the quick response - btw the kit already paid for itself as I realised we had the hot water on in an outbuilding we don’t use.