Please take a minute to review IoTaWatt

I don’t know how each of you discovered IoTaWatt. I don’t actively advertise like all of the other energy monitors. Yet I believe IotaWatt has a lot of virtues that the well marketed energy monitors lack. The others also have their unique virtues.

There is a modest amount of traffic to the store, and it’s increasing. The new store has the ability to post reviews. (near the bottom of each product page). If you can take a few minutes to share your experience, and maybe what you see as the strengths and weaknesses, I think it would help others that are looking for feedback to aid in their choice.

Any product or bundle can be reviewed, but I think it would be most helpful to have the reviews on the various bundles - North-America, Euro, Aussie.


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Done! Happy to provide my honest review of this great product!

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