Recessed panel installation ideas

I’ve searched the forums and found some ideas, but having a recessed panel kinda sucks. :slight_smile:

The Orbit sprinkler enclosure is popular, but it seems it would stick out quite far. This would be going in the garage right where we park the cars. As you can see in the pictures, it would be far easier to get the CT wires out the bottom of the panel vs the top, which puts the enclosure right where the car door opens. I’m also not really sure how easy it would be to get some kind of conduit in between the panel and the Orbit enclosure without cutting big holes in the wall that have to be patched.

I found this recessed enclosure that can have an outlet attached to it, but it’s a bit more expensive than I like. However it would look the best. Conduit between would be a little easier since there’s a big hole in the wall to work in.

A couple questions: Are there any other recessed enclosures that I’ve not found that don’t cost as much? If the electrical wire from a new breaker (added just for this) never leaves the inside of the wall and goes straight from the panel to the new enclosure, does it have to be in a conduit? The rest of the wiring in the house does not have conduit in the walls, so I wouldn’t think so, but I’d like to follow the rules here.

Any other ideas are welcomed. Thank you.

take a look at this install

Thanks. I didn’t respond to my own post, but I did end up figuring out how I wanted to do my installation. I used a Leviton box.