Request: Add ability to choose a default saved graph and direct links to graphs in Graph+

I have a few saved graphs that I like to check. It’d be great if there was an option to direct link to a graph so I could bookmark them and open them all in tabs at once.

It’d also be great if I could get an embed URL for just the graph, to display in a dashboard (e.g. tablet mounted to the wall).

And, every time I navigate into Graph+ I just get a blank graph then have to click the dropdown then click my favourite graph. It’d be great if I could nominate one of them as the default, and show it automatically as soon as I go into Graph+

Side note, Graph+ is great – I’ve been able to recreate pretty almost exactly (but with much higher resolution) my favourite graphs from Solar Analytics, PVOutput, and Fronius Solar.web.

These are good suggestions. I don’t know what’s involved in implementing them. I’m very deep into another project right now, so when I get a break I’ll revisit Graph+ along with whatever else comes in between now and then.

BTW, would love to see you post some of those PVoutput etc graphs that you mention above along with the corresponding graph from the previous application. Maybe one post each with titles like “Replicating PVoutput” etc and some details of how it’s done (because you know people are going to ask).

MrMachine making overeasy work overtime since 1999 :smiley:

The [Graph+ doco] at the end of the page - “Running Directly with URL” has an exciting recent reference to a new URL query http://iotawatt.local/graph2.htm [?graph=savedgraph. I must have read about it in a post but can’t now find it. Is this implemented in 02_05_09? I tried it but the query string appears to be ignored.

Not too often the documentation beats the code. It’s not merged into a release yet, but the files are at

Exciting none-the-less. I should have done a search sorting by Latest Post instead of default Relevance - now found your post on the matter. Thankyou!