Rogowski coil support

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The only hit I could find on ‘Rogowski’ was from 2 years ago, where you stated there is no support for Rogowski coil in Iotawatt. How about today?
How can we measure currents if we can’t connect a split-core CT clamp?
Should we be able to use the Smappee Rogowski coils?
I can change the connector to a stereo jack. SMAPPEE RAGOWSKI COIL 12CM | Project Zero

I’ve tested and several users have used the Emporia rogowski coils. See these posts:

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Thanks for the links Bob. Unfortunately the Emporia RC states that it does not work on our European 240V… Emporia Vue 200A flexible Current Sensors for Smart Home Device Energy – Emporia Energy

Maybe my customer could try a test with the Smappee RC. If he does, I’ll inform the community here.

The Smappee doesn’t show their integrator or detail its output and power supply requirements. Also, their current ranges are much higher than non-industrial users would need.

As far as I can tell, the 120V restriction for the Emporia is related to the 12VDC power supply for the integrators. You could easily get a standard 12VDC universal supply (input 80-300VAC) with your plug type and splice in the 12V output cord from the Emporia supply. I see no reason why that wouldn’t work fine. There RC only measures current and is completely voltage agnostic.