Split Phase - VT Connection and Custom Kit

Hello all. I’m considering the purchase of a US (200A @ 120V split phase) kit with two VT’s in order to get the voltage from both lines. A few questions:

Do the VT’s only support connection to an outlet, or is it possible as well to wire them to a breaker?

Having a 120V VT on each line suffices to monitor 240V circuits as well by assigning both VT’s to the respective CT’s in the software, correct?

How to purchase a custom kit in US? I only see see a static kit available.

The “static” kit is the only offering, although you can add CTs and VTs individually to your order.

They are “wall-warts” (plug only).

Doesn’t work quite like that. I don’t recommend two VTs. My preference, and what I do at home, is use a single 240V VT calibrated to half value. That insures correct voltage for 240V loads, which typically account for the overwhelming amount of energy use, and splits the difference of any imbalance between the two 120V legs.

That said, if you use two CTs for each 240V load, one on each leg, and assign the respective VT, you will get a true reference.

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Thanks for info!