Two circuits, one CT

I finally got all my board rebuilt and all my circuits hooked up to my iotawatt. Single phase, Australia 240v. I’ll post a thread with pics of the board + iotwatt install soon for any interested aussies.

I ended up with 14 circuits, plus I want one on the main incoming line. That means I’m one input short on the iotawatt! Is it possible to put two circuits (eg. oven and stove) through one CT to free up an input? That input would then report combined consumption of both circuits.

Also, somehow my electrician managed to get all the CT’s backwards so they show with the arrow on the status page. I’m pretty sure from my reading here that’s fine and I can just “reverse” them in the iotawatt setup to get rid of the “reverse” icon on the status page. Are there any accuracy considerations in doing this?

Thanks for such a great product!

edit: removed another question about accuracy since I realised one of the circuits is not being monitored properly so the clamp may not be installed correctly.

Yes, you can put multiple circuits through on CT.

Checking reverse will not impact accuracy.

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