Watt Hours to Influx

Trying to get an output of the Wh for a given time range. It show int he graphs under Wh. I would like to push this to Influx. No matter what I try in Grafana to get Wh for a set time period it isn’t right. Possible? I it to much to explain just point me in a direction to figure it out. Thanks.


Here’s my daily kWh usage for the last week from the IoTaWatt

and here’s a grafana output for the same period using total_watts integrated over each day:

So rather than send Wh to influx, I just integrate Watts over time to get Wh. If you really want to send Wh to influx, you can do that by adding an output with Wh units. Then if you sum across a time interval you will have total Wh.
Something like this:

Thank You! I didn’t see the output Wh.

same here, i don’t have Wh or KWh… strange

Wh is a choice when configuring an output for influx or EmonCMS. It’s not available when configuring an output in the Setup->Outputs section because it would have no context in the status display and in the graph app, you can see the kWh for any power (Watts) output by selecting it within the Energy tab.