Wifi ssid not found


I self - build an homebrew iotawatt, but after powering up the led is glowing red, but there is no ssid iotawatt or similar. Does anybiey has an idwa what I should check?


Take out the SD card and look at the log. It does not appear that IotaWatt uses the serial output after it gets the SD card is available. If there is no log on the SD card, then look at the serial output to see if it can’t find the SD card.

The setup code appears to be here: IoTaWatt/Setup.cpp at master · boblemaire/IoTaWatt (github.com)

After it starts SPI, it appears it uses logging for everything else. That log should tell you something about what is wrong.

Hi frogmore

actually there is no log on the sd card. and from the serial monitor i only get cryptic symbols.
If I remove the SD card, I get some blinking fro the led indicator. Else it’s always light red.

The cryptic signals are probably the built-in bootloader. If you get nothing after that, you don’t have the right baudrate, or you don’t have the FW flashed correctly, or your program isn’t outputting anything. I would start with a hello world program to make sure you have the process for flashing and getting serial output setup correctly. The NodeMCU hardware makes it easier, but it can still be challenging.